What is SCAMC?


The Sonoma County Administrative Management Council (SCAMC) is an informal employee organization comprising employees who work for the County of Sonoma.  SCAMC has a twelve member Board of Directors elected by its membership.

What does SCAMC do?

SCAMC acts as a clearing house for information of importance to managers such as changes in laws and policies that affect our benefits and jobs.  SCAMC speaks for Sonoma County's managers in the development of salary and benefit packages with the County and promotes networking among Sonoma County's managers.  SCAMC acts as a conduit representing management employees on various issues with the Human Resources Department, the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

Objectives and Purposes

As stated in the by-laws, the objectives and purposes of SCAMC are:

  • To promote high standards of management practices and conduct among its members and to promote the advancement of programs and policies that will enhance and improve the quality and delivery of needed services to the constituents of Sonoma County.
  • To present to its members relevant data pertaining to salaries, hours of employment, fringe benefits, grievances, working conditions and all other conditions of employment.
  • To sponsor and encourage activities tending to improve the morale and contributing to the general welfare of SCAMC members and the service in which they are employed.
  • SCAMC may only engage in activities and exercise rights and powers as may be authorized for non-profit organizations under the laws of the State of California.
  • To take all necessary and proper steps for the accomplishment of these objectives.